August Footnote 3: "more friendly"

"Every G.I. became a conquering hero.  A Yank who wished to have a parade all his own would turn off on some side road to drive through a village off the main highways. With all the smiles and sitting in his jeep like King Tutt himself, he slowly toured the town, honking his horn, kissing the girls who swarmed over his car, and catching the huge bouquets of flowers which everyone threw.  As each day went by everyone entered into the spirit of celebration.  The French from the country lined the highways waving flags.  Men in the convoys passing by threw chocolate, Life Savers, cigarettes, and candy to their cheering admirers. In turn the French got to throwing so many apples at us that we had enough to throw at each other. It was not uncommon to see the men standing up in their trucks having a furious apple battle from truck to truck as they were speeding down the road." Jack Colbaugh, The Bloody Patch, p. 35-6

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