November Footnote 11: "Lt. Col. Hatzfield"

"Early in the afternoon [Nov. 6] Colonel Hatzfeld, while sitting hopelessly in the battalion command post, finally collapsed into tears. So many hours had gone by without the arrival of reinforcements he had earlier asked for. In a state of shock, Hatzfeld left for Germeter with the avowed intention of obtaining help. It was, said his S-1 personnel officer, Captain Nesbitt, 'the last we ever saw of him.'
"When he arrived at the Germeter aid station in hasty dismay, medics tagged Hatzfeld as a casualty with a sprained ankle. According to Captain Pruden, Hatzfeld was of little assistance after the first two days of incessant artillery fire. Overwhelmed with grief at the terrible ordeal visited upon his battalion, he suffered almost complete nervous collapse."
  Curry, Follow Me and Die , 168-9.

Return to HQ Company: 112th Infantry: November 1944

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