September Footnote 3: "Siegfried Line"

"In order to get to the Rhine River, the allies had to get through the West Wall, the Seigfried Line, as they called it.  A complex of permanent-type fortifications along the western frontier of Germany, the west Wall extended from the Dutch border near Cleves to switzerland near Basle."  Blumenson, Duel for France, p. 386.

 " . . . the combination of concrete anti-tank obstacles (dragon's teeth), pillboxes, and bunkers known to the German soldier as Westwall, and to the Allied soldier as the Seigfried Line.  No matter how dated those defenses, Hitler maintained that concrete in any form lent impetus to the defense and besides, the terrain along the frontier was forbidding."  MacDonald, A Time for Trumpets, p. 19

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